...is the magic genie lantern for the Chinese looking to rub a few dollars off Americans.

It is a bold in your face, screw you website.

I have tried to order wholesale but you do not get wholesale prices.

And shipping becomes ridiculous.

I tried to order sample suits for my kini shop and the one shop quoted me a fair price on samples but told me the fabric in the pictures was not available.

OK, so I pay fro sub-standard kini fabric.

Then they try to charge $200 for 36 kini samples.

Seriously, did I fall off a rice cart in Hong Kong?!

No, I did not.

I f I pay $200 shipping for 36 kinis, what is my shipping going to be on a mass scale...say 1500 kinis?

I don't need calculus to be a genius on this transaction.

And here is the kicker....

They want me to Western Union or wire transfer the money!!

Bold face Bull-YAa!!!

Yeah, Right?!!

Let me just send you a big fat bonus for finding another idiot in the U.S.


It is not that hard to find them. But you missed and found me.

So, you really wasted my time and I hope, at least, I wasted yours.

You douchinese!!!

Find another sucker.

The Blonde's bottle isn't filled with stupid!!!

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