My Car Screams Loser!

I have a 95 jaguar vanden plas that I am not bragging about. The car looks like it got caught in a can opener on the right side and riddled by rubber bullets on the other side.

The trunk paint was fading so I glued a rubber bike matt on to hide the paint fade but it eventually whipped off in the wind and my long haired coon cat used it as a bathing salon one summer leaving fur glued permanently to the trunk hood.

Some days, I can get by not getting upset about the look of this once pretty car but on other days, especially when passing by all the nice new euro cars in the neighborhood, I have to just hold my head up high and act like I don't care just so I wont cry about it.

The one side was completely scraped off by two separate downtown instances involving too small a space and two giant asshole Texas trucks blocking my way.

I hope gas gets to $4 and their giant fuel traps consume mountains of expensive ethanol.


I was going to wash it today but what's the point. All I will do is see more of the disaster under the dirt.

Don't get down
Don't get down
Don't get down....

Oops...too late.
Thanks big yellow ferarri for driving by my car.

Made me feel great, not!

The Blonde is trying not to lose it!

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