I Am


On the outside, to people looking in, I may not seem so but I am.

I wake up every morning in a 10 x 12 room with my things stuffed to the walls and up to the ceiling and the rest of my world is stacked in a 20 x 10 storage unit packed in like sardines in a can...

yet I find a way to get up everyday and smile and think that something good is going to happen.

I am remarkable because I refuse to give up.

My ancient auto has fur stuck to its trunk and a giant gash in the side but I drive it with my head held high.

That makes me remarkable.

I am going to the university with kids half my age and I don't feel old.

That makes me remarkable.

I dance, I play my guitar, and I laugh all alone on Friday nights...

and that makes me remarkable.

I stare at my tiny room while looking at large homes in the newest edition of Architectural Digest and I don't get jealous; just maybe a little down...

I just think to myself, "How lucky the owners are to have such a pretty home."

and that makes me remarkable.

I struggle to find the money every month just to pay my bills on time and it takes me three times as long to study for an exam because I have ADD...yet

I do it.

I carry on.

And I find a way to smile...

That makes for a remarkable Blonde!!

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