Hibiscus with the Captain

Its been awhile since I sat down at Maudies to have hibiscus margs with the Captain and as usual it was an awe inspiring night of conversation.

This night was about past life regression and how you must make up for all the wrong in your past life to move forward in this life.

Personally, I must have been a real asshole in business and personal relations in mine but I will never be really sure since I won't be forking out $250 greenbacks to an 80 year old past regression hypnotist any time soon.

Besides, I might find out that I am a jerk in this life and just too blonde to realize it.

I do think I was pushed off a high building in my past life since I am not afraid of heights. I am just wicked scared of falling from them.


Back to the Captain.

He was a cowboy who was a real jerk to his bride and she was cheating on him. He found out and rode his horse until the horse tripped and he went head first into a rock and died. Which lead him into the life.

In this life he gets to meet up with all the people of his past who turn around and set karma straight on him and vice versa.

Of course, the girl who cheated on him in a former life, also did him wrong in his present life and she seems to be reaping some nice benefits playing the Captain and her not so Ex husband. Guess she will be paying karma coins in her next life.

Apparently, now...the Captain's biz partner died and the girl who did him wrong in both lives is pregnant. What if the Captain's biz partner gets reborn into the Captain Ex and it turns out to be the Captain;s baby?

Wouldn't that me a karmic whammie.

I am just wondering what the horse came back as to get his karmic retribution in this life for being rode to death in the Captain's past life.

So in this life....

The Captain is off to see the past regressionist tonight and I will get the rest of the scoop.

I am dying to know what I was in his past life. I hope I wasn't a madame in his past life, which means its my past life, but considering my present dating habits, it could explain a lot.

The Blonde is sweet on stories!

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