4000 Peeps and Counting

I checked my stats on the blog today and over 4000 peeps have been reading it.

Half of those are probably ex-dates.

I have had my share and more than a few blonde's shares put together.

Its my fault I can't keep a man because the ones I pick are not worth keeping.

It takes an average of 6 months to get through the charming stage and everyone begins to let their true hair down. That's when you really get a view if someone is worth keeping or not.

The problem with online dating is no one wants to date their own age. Men are looking for 10 years and younger and as a blonde femme, I am stuck with dating men 10 to 15 years older.

They are too set in their ways and not as much fun.

I still have a lot of young in me and I like dancing in my underwear to ACDC loudly while doing my hair and make up before I go out. Not something older dudes appreciate all the time.

I love that I can claim myself as one of the X gen. We have a lot of cool in us. I need an X gen guy to keep it going.

So I have revamped my online profile at millionairematch.com.

I know, I know... it sounds like a gold-digger site and I know that it is for most the crew but for me I like the free of charge aspect of it and its not like everyone has to be a million dollar baby on the site. I also like the fact that I won't be bombarded with booty call seekers like the one's on 'match' and 'loads of fish'.

I may not get any hits since I told the truth about my age, my finances, and what I am looking for. I did fail to disclaim that my car has a furry ass but too much, too soon is never a good thing.

My wants:

I want a man my age.

I want a man who doesn't have a lot of money.

I want a man that has fallen on hard times like I have.

I want a man that loves music and fun and knows who Max headrum is.

I want someone to share a life with and you can't do that moving into someone else's world.

You need to have the same world and grow it together; remember when we were twenty something? How fun was that?!!

I am going to be a lawyer in a few years. I will make tons of money pissing off people that piss me off every time I listen to the news. I am super animated and my voice carries. I will be superb in a court room setting.

Plus I am a Leo and a Blonde.

I love attention.

I will be super successful.

It would be great to hook up with a Madoff reject stock broker looking to rebuild his financial stats.

All I ask, is that they be cute, my age, and broke.

The Blonde is adding to her numbers!!

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