I'm Sporting Double Ds

...and not in a good way.

I just scored another D on my french exam. I am two for two on the Ds.

If I were referring to plastic surgery, I would have the prettiest matching pair of double Ds this side of the french quarter.

I have had about all I can take with losing 2 points on my exam for every little missing accent over the e.

Accent grav

Circum flex

Vlah de francais de blah!!!

It isn't that I don't know the rules.

Never two infinitives together!

You can't have aller with a past participle unless your crazy!

'Y' is not a where but a preposition that needs a conjugated verb and in absence of that, place before the infinitive.

How stupid can one be not to understand the rules of french?!

Its so simple!!

Il est facile!!

I think....

Who knows any more.

C'est impossible!

Maybe some English tunes will inspire...

Conductor..a 'D' note please!!

Tutor in the morning, Tutor in the evening...

Tutor at supper time...

la la laaaa

la la

If I can't learn french, I am toast and my law degree is slime!!


la dee da da daaaaaaa!

I would like a life beyond etudier pour francais classe!!!!!

The Blonde is about to F U this course!!

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