Bravo!! Mon Ami

Vous avez leur liberte'!!

You have your freedom!!

You did not dance with the divorce devil and grabbed onto more important things.



Money is important, don't get me wrong. I know! I suffer from not having it!

Mais (but) quand (when) tu ( you) avais (have) assez (enough) livre (to live) sur (on)...vous choississez vivre ( you choose to live)!!

You choose to live!!

Live with reckless abandonment for a few days and than live happy and alone for awhile...and than find love again.

And maybe love isn't from another. Maybe the love you need is your own.

Love yourself.

I don't want to get all 'eat, pray and lov' on the subject...many movies cover that but there is a reason.

It is true.

Il est vrai!!

So many of us do not have the chance to live in the moment. We are in survival mode but that too will change.

We need only to keep saying to ourselves...it will be alright.

Say it over and over and over....

Do not let lack of money break you.

You change your phone, you ignore creditors...and one day when you are back on your feet...you will get caught up.

You may have fallen but you are far from down.

I say that all the time and its helped me.

The Blonde will brave it with you!!!

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