A Bright Sunny Day

Its amazing how your body holds onto stress and exhaustion without you even knowing it. It isn't until you are able to breathe a sigh of relief that you emote like a baby.

Last night, I felt the weight of school and work just drop off of me.

I cried like a baby and tucked myself in and slept all the way through.

Today, I feel like a got a 3 hour massage and face lift.

It would be great if we all had a mirror where we could actually really see ourselves.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a magic mirror on the wall telling you,

"Girlfriend, you are stressing and its showing. All the night cream in the world isn't going to fix that puffy, sad little face with dark circles until you take some time out and breathe."

It would be nice if mood rings worked for real. I bought a bunch for novelty to sell and I love them but unfortunately they only change colors on the climate, not the mood.

Still, we all need some way of figuring out when our bodies are on the red part of rev. We need to stay cool and hang in the yellow part otherwise our motors are going to burn up.

We don't have a magic mirror or an RPM meter but we do have buttons...

Those lovely little hot buttons that seem to set themselves off at a moment notice..

The lovely human meter



Red Hot and full cranky is now launched!!

Unfortunately, the warning is so short we end up flooring it and go full speed ahead to no stopping the rants now.

People may think twitter and personal blogs are a waste of time but I can tell you, they make for great therapy.

Who cares no ones reading or listening. All we need to do is vent sometimes. And its nicer to vent online in a harmless place than grab road rage and scream at an innocent blonde who tried to let you go around her before she looped around to park.

The Blonde has lots of highlights ahead!!

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