About Last Night

I had a fun night last night. I sat outside on a pretty night and laughed my arse off talking to my friend and her ex / on again, mostly off again man, on the phone.

I was sipping wine, yapping, and having an all night party with myself.

It made me think about the Commodore and how his world is not sooo much fun right now. I can't write about his personal stuff but the situation can not be cured with a bottle of wine and a good hangover.


I try to show support but I am not so sure if its wanted or if someone else has replaced my spot for a shoulder to lean on.

I could keep putting myself out there but what if he does have someone else and he is just being too nice to say something.

Ikes, that would be embarrassing, not to mention....

This Blonde does not need emotional charity.

I have been on the single path a long time with plenty of ships that just sailed off to another sea and I realize, I can't keep getting deeper and deeper involved unless the man confirms he really just wants to dock at my port.

I hope he is well. I do not know. Its a tough time and maybe he is just all locked up in his mental man cave trying to get through a really rainy season.

I hope the peeing on his parade ends soon and he can find his way back to me.

The Blonde is tired of dating herself.

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