The Accidental Buddhist

I guess you could say I am the bag lady these days.

Starting a business is always a little bit of nerve racking and investing your last dime is like sleeping on a rack instead of a mattress.

I know my store is moving along but... really slowly.

This is the time the Blonde grabs onto faith and just prays every night that something is going to sell.

I am almost out of my designer things and the last few hold outs I do not think I can part with.

But if I am in the red, they will have to go to.

I am learning to live like a Buddhist.

I have to learn that the designer goods and material things I have are not the things that make me happy.

They doid and I am sad to see them go but in the end, I am still happy.

I wish things were better right now.

I am sure a lot of people wish things were better but the Blonde can't give up.

I know there is better times ahead.

And even if this is as good as it gets, I have to laugh in hard times face.

You can't call me down if I am still laughing and smiling.

Happiness is internal.

If you remember that, than even if you lost every material good....

You are still good to go.

Bless the people of Japan.

I do not know what it must be like to have your loved ones swept away and everything you built together.

How lucky I truly am.

The Blonde is enlightened!!!

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