Im in a No Call Zone

...and loving it!!

Doesn't it suck when you are dating someone and the phone seems to ring less and less on your end?

Obviously something is up and I just assume put my phone down.

I like not having to worry about if someone is going to call or not call.

Its really irritating carrying a phone around that doesn't ring.

I am not attached at the hip to my little cell.

If I am bored, I don't start texting people.

I tweet (@ blindedbyblonde) instead.

Less invasive, at least for my friends!!


Another dude bit the dust and its not like a I had real hopes for it anyway.

I am just burnt on long distanceships...they don't end up anywhere other than on a bed for a bootie call and I can get that anytime and anywhere in my zip code.

I don't need to pack and fly off somewhere for it.

Of course with the radio ads toting Austin as having a high rate of syphilis, I detached my special lady part and am keeping safely at home next to my cell.

The Blonde is not in!!

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