Erase Your Mistakes

In life you can't erase your faux pas but you can learn from them; all those little mistakes add up and if your smart, you take the opportunity to seize and correct them.

I have the same situation in french class.

I quickly jotted down the questions I heard on my audio CDs to answer them in correct form.

I forgot to erase my french jotting which is the equivalent of gibberish.

I got the answers right but my french teacher deducted 5 points for my gibberish and it wasn't even part of the homework!!

He is tough but I don't view it as unfair.

I see it as someone making me work harder to be better at what I want to do or become.

I think their is a love hate relationship between me and my professor but its OK because I am going to beat the hater out of him.

I am not in this for a quick giggle and a credits. I am in this to learn french.

Just like tennis.

I only play with those better than me because it drives me to be better.

It would be great if we all hung out with better people to propel us to be better as human beings but so many settle.

Not me!!

I am surrounding myself with those who want to be better and so far that leaves....



Come on peeps...let's all learn to be better and work on ourselves.

The Blonde is learning from her faux pas!!!

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