Simply The Best

The best relationship you can have is the one with your best friend and when he is the opposite sex, its even better.

Can you just imagine how fabulous life would be just living out yours with your best friend?

I am happy single and the only thing that would improve my personal life is if I was able to find a best friend to booty it up with.

Dating sucks. Especially now where everyone thinks your out to take advantage of them.

Its different in your twenties where only a few hearts were broken.

Now that I am in the range where everyone is divorced and has been burned..oh my gah!!!

You can't find one person without a chip on there shoulder about something.

Me included.

I hate the fact that I never burned anyone but every guy I go out with is on the look out to see if I am on the take.

You know what?

Go take yourself to another chick.

That is what I have to say.

I spent the day with Augusto and while we are best freinds..its without the booty fun and sleep overs.

But I will take it.

I will take my friday afternoons.

I will take the tennis, the hiking, the general laughing over sangria at Los Palomas. Excellent pibil, by the way.

I will take just that little bit every Friday because its better than looking for some tool online again.

For now,

I am suffering through financial hurdles and that is not attractive to any suitor so I just assume not date the suits.

I am much happier not looking for anyone anymore.

If a best friend happens to cultivate out of the blue in some weird mishap of a chance encounter, than yeah.

But if not, yeah to me too for being happy and not desperate.

The Blonde likes the better part of things!!

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