The Quantum of Love

Something I used to blog about all the time has taken a back seat lately but I do have some thoughts to apply to it using algebra.

Take the sum of all his actions and subtract it from the sum of all his words.

If you end up with a positive number, your golden.

If you end up with a negative number, you need to convert that into a division against all the other negative numbers from guys and eventually you will see a losing battle.

I am on an infinity pattern to nowhere with love.

I could add some physics to the equation but that would make things look even more dismal than they already do on Planet Sole.

I have decided to jump ship and float back to reality.

Love sucks, it does not exist, and I am longing for home alone on earth.

I was a thousands leagues under water and drowning in bullshit.

I have bubbled up to the surface and its sandy beaches and margaritas on my own this spring break.

The Blonde is an island!!

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