If You Build It They Will Come

Well, I built it.

I paid an initial fee of $49 for free insertion fees and free final value fees. My items are buy now at great prices and one price priority shipping.

Ebid.net burlap bikini

Ebay so gallantly offered 50 free insertions to soften the blow that they will now include shipping in their 21% (that is what they charge for clothing and handbags--not including 1.50 to list with 2 photos and 7 day extended auction) .

I only charge for shipping.

I do not pad the shipping costs.
I lose money on shipping just to pack it nicely.
I don't cram things or jam things in a bag.

I am sorry Ebay's board that you let the ex-CEO run off with a crap load of billions. It is not my problem and I am not your way out.

You are not passing the buck onto me.

If the CEO can spend a billion dollars on a campaign, what else did she walk away with?

If I want to spend on charity, I will give it to Japan, not some douche company that gave their CEO too much of everyone else's money.

You want my Louis Vuitton belt, my Faragamo evening bag, my Cole Haan loafers...

all barely used condition than you have to move to ebid. net...cuz that is where my new store front is.

And might I add, auctions are the thing of the past. Everyone knows to put the bid in last minute so I price my items knowing they wont sell for more than the auction price.

It seems sleazy to me.

I am pricing at what I want. Standard price. Buy it now.

Its a fair market value.

My sale items are not Goodwill.

I should know.

I donate a lot to them.

And after visiting Filenes Basement, my prices and goods rock.

Filenes, TJMAXX, Stein Mart have all become a dump of cheap goods!

The Blonde bids Ebay a fair adios!!

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