Divorce is Your Mistress Now

I tried to open up my arms and let you embrace something other than a volatile situation but you are choosing to embrace your divorce.

Divorce is your mistress.

The courts are your bitch.

I tried to offer a loving hand to hold onto but you chose to push me aside.

So good luck with your life.

I don't envy you.

But I don't support you either.

Your life is on the line?

No its not...your money is.

You will find trying to hold on to life is 10 times the work.

And when it comes to divorce, she is the meanest bitch you will ever meet.

When she feels she has burnt you, all she can, she will try to burn those around you.

The divorce will try to get phone records, credit card charges, and wrap up anyone you have been seeing during your separation...

and take them down.

And I am not willing to go down for someone who told me 'yeah, we got it..your life is hard"

The Blonde hopes you have a happy life too!!

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