Existentially Speaking

What does it say about me that Jesus dropped to the floor right behind me.

I was at the mean-Eyed Cat, minding my own business, listening to Johnny Cash singing, 'I will wait for you' on the jukebox. I was singing along to him in my head with not a thought on my mind when suddenly something right behind my head came crashing to the floor.

The other patrons and I all looked at the glass piece on the floor. I got up from my rickety old stool and picked up the pane. I turned it over and glanced at it.


Everyone looked.

"Its a picture of Jesus that fell to the floor and its cracked!", I exclaimed.

The gentleman to my left said," If that isn't a sign to stay away from you, I don't know what is."


I said, "Imagine!! you get 7 years for a broken mirror. How many years will I receive for breaking Jesus?"

I handed over the glass to the bartender and went back to listening to the juke which was now playing a Willy Nelson song.
I sat and wondered for a moment thinking about the 'sign'and then all of the sudden... a pair of panties stapled on the wall above the juke caught my attention, "Eat the Kitty" the panties had stamped on them.

I laughed.

I took a photo of the underwear and inquired about a pair but they were all out of small. Only large was left. Should they even make a pair in large?

The thought of the fallen Jesus quickly diminished.

Still, now I can't help but wonder?

Maybe Johnny and Jesus were speaking to me at that moment. I wish I knew what was on their mind. Probably the same thing as mine. I just was too deep in thought to think about it!!

Blondes like signs that say something!!

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