Drinks are on the house...

when I am on a date and so is dinner and anything else I want to do!!

There was an idiot from the other night who actually waited for me to grab my wallet and pay half the tab.

"Oops my Blonde. I forgot my wallet of plastic. Will you except a check for my half?"

Sorry kid, the Majors decided your not right for the League!

I don't pay!

I don't think I have to pay!

I won't pay!


Who told you a Blonde should pay?

The girls that insist on paying there way?

A word to my not so non-fellow neo-feminazis trying to ruin a good thing...

What do you accomplish by paying your way?

You don't honestly think that if the man pays for dinner you owe him sex do you?

Why do you insist on paying or get insulted if they try to open the door.

What are you?

Why don't you pay for a penis and date girls?

Than you can pay all the time and never have doors opened for you.


Where in the alien world of dog do you think the chick should pay her way to come see a man?

Dude dig in that bendable leather bank inside your back butt pocket and log online to Delta Blu and either book your flight to me or book my flight to you.

Otherwise stay local with your dating d'jour.

or get the girl with the penis...they love to pay for their share!

Blondes make the men pay!!

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