New York, So Far

Far to walk when you get confused and have to circle several blocks to figure out where the heck your are going.

What should take 10 blocks of walking actually takes me 20 because I have to walk two blocks down or up and than two blocks left to right to see the numbers and street signs to set my course accordingly.
I have learned I can not find what I am looking for if it is on the same side of the street that I walk on so I have to cross the street, back track, and look again. This became evident when I walked passed the bank 3 times before finding it by accident.

On a positive note I am already familiar with the lay of the land at Bloomies.
I bought a killer Ed Hardy belt, Marc Jacob sunglasses, and a few Guess and Diesel t's.

It is hot walking around NY and for the most part everyone is casually dressed. I dare not wear heels until I have the cab waving perfected, and I am fairly certain I am not interested in ever using the subway. I am still a little apprehensive about public transportation.

Thank Gah, my new friend is a Doctor and has a special parking permit that allows him to park me in front of anywhere I want to go.

Yesterday I ate lunch at a Solera's at 53rd and 3rd. You think I would be a bit more clever with my eateries but it felt like home and the huge table of gorgeous Latin men in suits sitting adjacent to me made it even more appetizing.
The food was incredible. I had the flank steak and glass of vino.




I'm sorry I was just picturing the men...the dish was fab too!!


I have secured tickets to the US Open this weekend and a young tennis stud to accompany me. I am still trying to get backstage passes to some designer shows. Apparently, just because you have a media pass, doesn't mean you get into the shows you want. Again, Doc to the rescue. his friend owns one of the top four modeling agencies in town!

Now, its off to the salon to have my nails done and home to clean up for dinner. I am thinking about wearing my sexy little L.A.M.B. floor length snake print number tonight with designer flip flops.

P.S. I have been warned not go above 96th Street because they haven't blonde-proofed it yet!!

Blondes stand out even when they blend!!

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