My Beloved Downey Jr

I am so glad he is back in his full wonderful glory and making films. My favorite actor of all times beat drugs and came back. Every film he is in is golden.

Because of the holiday weekend and the film being out for awhile, which suit me just fine, it was incredibly empty for a city film venue.

This film was pee in the pants funny for me. It was wrong on all sorts of levels. That is why I loved it so much.
Taken in the right comedic context, it is very funny. Stiller has always been 2 blocks short of the good taste line but that is exactly why we laugh. Being uncomfortable, twist in your seat, "can't believe he just said that" feeling, helps us release the anxiety of having to be so politically correct all the time.
I could go into more detail about this subject but I am too afraid I might offend someone, and you never know when a true blonde might want to run for President!

Blondes don't draw the lines!!

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