should not be born if given the choice.

WOW..I thought I was controversial but tonight, I had the distinct pleasure of someone else carrying the floor. I am all about shocking the status quo but some subjects I leave to my compatriots.

We had dinner at a wonderful french restaurant, Le Perigord on 52nd St. I had the scallop appetizer, halibut for the main course, an a grand marnier souffle for dessert.

Impeccable and amazing like only the French can do. The portions are what few Americans would appreciate. If you can take it home in a doggy bag your not eating above 5 stars.
It was superb. I ordered a Pouilly-Fuissé but instead they brought me a much finer species of wine..I wish I could remember, but I cannot. The conversation was too intriguing for me and for the couple next to us who paid close attention to Doc's opinions.

Doc did not realize it, but the couple next to us was expecting and the subject we chose to discuss was most disconcerting for them.
We or should I say he, chose to speak of terminating pregnancy based on a child with the genetic predisposition of retardation. A subject that has come to recent light with the vulgar use of the word 'retard' in the movie, "Tropic Thunder".

I am not one to shy away from such shocking topics and I found it quite liberating. For once, I was not on the chopping block of public scrutiny for my dinner commentary.

What fascinated me most about Doc's opinions is the fact that he is of jewish heritage. I assumed that he would lend a sympathetic ear to a plight such as termination based on human frailty and imperfection.

He kept using the term 'retard' and quite frankly, I was a bit shocked. I don't think I have ever heard anyone use the term for any reason since I was 8 years old. I laughed every time he said it.

I didn't laugh because it was funny; I laughed because it was uncomfortable to hear.




Do you see where just finishing the words in your head brings dis-comfort. I don't know anyone over the age of 10 that would use that word and find it funny. Anyone under the age of 10 that uses it has a grasp of the concept and they know its derogatory and hurtful and they have a lack of good parenting.

I am wondering why Jesse Jackson wasn't up in arms about Robert Downey Jr. part in the film. I think if another 'word' was blatently used...he would be!!

I understand comedy.

I don't understand this kind of comedy; nor do I understand Doc's opinion.

I don't understand the pre-selection, the pre-determination of a fetus based on predisposition to be a burden on a parent. I don't know a parent that would think any child is a burden, no matter the case.

I wonder what Darwin would have to say about all of this?

Blondes have a lot to learn about being special!!

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