I Tried Italian

Full of carbs and themselves!! Needless to say, I prefer a lighter affair.


My time at the Open was well spent.

The match against Ferrer and Noshikori was outstanding! The game went the full five sets with the climatic tie breaker at the end. I feel so bad for Ferrer. They both wanted it so much it was hard to see they both could not win.

My favorite thing about being at the US Open is the lack of commentary from the television hosts. When watching via tele, the commentators tend to get on my nerves trying to fill dead air space. I fully appreciate some facts, but the forced humor and lack of warm fuzzies from retired tennis figures...NO!

The only ones I know that can pull off a good gift of gab during play is in the football arena with Howie and Terry. BTW: Redskins are playing the Giants this Thursday. I am a Redskin fan by birth (a little something, something you didn't know about me--OK, stop laughing) and my backup team will be the Jets this year because Favre is playing for them. That game is Sunday.

The other thing I love about being at the Open is the crowd, and how they embrace both players. No one walks away a loser according to those of us in the stands.
Its just a great vibe!!

Their is over 200 chefs on site to tempt your taste buds,but the prices kept my diet in tact. I am not paying $25 for a crepe.

Tonight I am going solo to see the movie 'Tropic Thunder'.

Stay tuned for the real action when I attempt public transport for the first time. I am actually going to try the subway!! I have my Benz on emergency call!!

Blondes use protection for the first time!!

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