Delineation of the Truth

A dude in a mock turtle neck and mustache with classic GQ hair.
Definitely vintage: early 90's I would say.

Its a good thing I am the Sultan of mischievous Google searches. I surfed for info on this gent before diving head first with my cellular integer. I only need a few clues to get my private dick web dog on the scent.

He sends a photo with headline 'Dreamy Photo'.

Who does that?!

Superciliousness with extra cheese on top!!


Here is the exert from the email(photo not included to protect the foolish, for they know not what they are):

Dreamy Photo

IMAGINE PHOTO HERE ( picture Magnum PI without the curl)

Here is the pic. I hope you have just the right spot for it on your refrigerator. Let me know what you think and we can go from there.

'Magnum' portrays himself as refined man who likes Baccarat...I am not a fan but whatever. He also portrays himself 20 years younger based on his vintage photag. I found his real photo on the corporate website. The mustache has since been long gone, by the looks of it.

He is looking for the woman to impress his friends, not really for himself. He happens to be an 'Entrepreneur of the Year' and moving up in the ranks. I commend him for this aspect, only. He wants a 'classy' girl that can host parties and make people comfortable and doesn't mind the attention she receives. Because she is so beautiful she commands that much attention.

Playmate Catering Service at your disposal?!


I am not a big fan of hosting political or corporate affairs. I did it. You have to be charming and witty to a million dull people for a zillion hours and than your so tired by the time you get home, you fall asleep in your gown.


I will do it only for charity these days. At least some good will come from all the nonsense.

Any...hoo!! Sorry a bit ADD today..

Any time I hear the word classy or see a long list of wants that pertain to how other people will perceive the woman, I can tell the sir is not from the upper crust nor has he eloquently evolved into his position in life as a wealthy man who supposedly agrees with the finer things in life and can respect a woman on a deeper level of commitment than to be the trophy to impress all.

Sophisticated, refined, cultured, well bred, modest means but well-liked..these are the words that are whispered among each other in the haute monde.

Not, Classy!!

Classy is a blue collar who wants the hostess not the waitress.

Blondes got your number way before dialing it!!


  1. Anonymous7/31/2008

    a man's shadow is never cast with truth, or some such obscure Tibetan wisdom.

    you're quite good at this. post your books for reference, please.

    ...do you think you communicate with others as well as you write about them? If you do, well, wow.

    Do you use sex to keep a job, or ascend in the workplace? You seem to know how powerful you are with men, especially the weak ones. just curious...


  2. If I did use sex to climb the corporate ladder, I would be on top!!