Blondies Bi!!

I met this guy at a party ...I wasn't sure if he was metrosexual or gay and quite frankly how do you ask a question like that without offending..I was thrown about because had I met him in New York or L.A... I wouldn't have given his attire a second thought but in Texas...you can end up scaring the cows wearing a pink tie and zute suit.

To soften the blow the blow of my question, I asked if he was bi..I retired from fag hag status a couple of years ago, after finishing fashion design, and I have lost my gaydar capabilities..you kind of have to have a gay man around to keep you tuned and ...well....I'm not tuned.


I think he had to make a point he was not gay!

Fine your not gay!

He could be bi...further investigation as to the synergy of the relationship would be imperative to offer substantial evidence to the contrary but at this point in time I feel the subject must be redirected to other sources...


I hurried through the test phase (first date) and ended up with results with little data to fill in the blanks and quite frankly..

You can't have a meaningful love affair with blanks!!

More importantly, I don't compete against men!

Blondes are one sided on certain things!!

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