Alright, so I am not a tree

I am more the variety of social butterfly that after a months worth of flying from dinner to dinner with gents is in serious need of a little R&R and definitely ready for just one man. I really am beginning to miss sex and without a steady, I am SOL.

and I hate being S.O.L.

and last nights battery shortage did not help!!

Its a mission that I hope to wrap up fairly quickly because now I am just a bit tired of being charming and romantic and witty and having perfect hair for every man that sits across my table.

And than it hit me like a bug to my windshield!

I am charming

and witty

and incredibly engaging

and I have perfect hair (I have great just rolled out of bed hair too!!).

I should get more than a dinner and a drink from all this work!

I am going to be a trade show model!

How hard can it be hosting a big bash of men all day, and yes I know, some of the ladies too. Although I am not a fan of women in general, I do well with them on a public, stay an arms distance away, kind of level.

Why not work the trade shows as a model? At least until my manuscripts are complete. This job would open up a lot more free time, I would be mobile, it pays ridiculously well for the work, and I have accumulated enough experience just by being who I have always been.

If you think about it, dating is nothing more than selling yourself. For the most part we are the product: our character, our personality,our intellect our looks. You are basically pitching yourself every time you go out with someone new.

Now, I assume there will be some element of reputation control at these events, after all, it is a modeling job--your already considered stupid before you hit the catwalk. I am one step below the chick who turns the big plastic letters on TV. But I assure you, my reputation has never wavered. Even in college, my panties never found there way to the walls of shame at certain fraternities down the block. And even if I get slack for being a brainless model, whatever!
Its not like any guy who goes to these events will impress me anyway!!

Most of these men, which I have had the misfortune of running into at Eddie V's during certain conventions here in Austin ( its so typical they would choose the expensive steak house on their boss' dime) act like debaucherous fools without proper etiquette. There like school boys who have seen there first breast, pointing and making comment to friends about girls that just walk by the table in a short dress. Its the equivalent of walking by construction workers in New York City and getting whistled at only worse because they are in MY 4 star gig with their 2 star manners.

What the hell? I will troll Myspace for a budding photographer to keep the cost of head shots down and put together a resume of work from private parties and corporate charity events I hosted on a regular basis with a few of my Ex's and I am good to go.

Blondes like skipping on stepping stones!!

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