Blonde Godess

Apollo and Daphne begins with the God of love Eros (Cupid).

My thoughts of being Blonde at the moment:

Daphne wanted nothing to do with men, male Gods, or sexual desire, or marriage. Apollo used all his arts to woo her but she ran away whenever she saw him.
He pretended to be a mortal man but than revealed himself as a God. Nothing he said made a difference.

During the chase, Daphne ran down hill toward the river Peneus.
She stopped and knelled at the river and begged...

"Help me father! If you have any powers as a river god, use them now to save me for ever!"

At that moment, her feet welded to the soil, her body became thinner, her skin grew a layer of bark, her arms became branches, her fingers became leaves, and she became the laurel tree.

And trees don't answer the phone!!

The Blonde is being still this weekend!

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