Dudz to Spudz

Dear Dudes and Dudettes, or do I mean Duds?

Regarding Bad Dates, not so bad, and/or I don't think a next time date:

Please don't bother trying to be nice...If it didn't work, it didn't work...whatever. I am not losing sleep over it and you don't have to call and act like your still interested to spare my feelings. What is the reasoning behind this? I don't understand it..you go on a couple of dates and find out the person doesn't work for you nor you for them but they try to pretend its something else and stays in touch...until when? until they need you for a booty call...that's when!!

They keep you on the rejected but still hot list. Keeping you on the end of the shoelace until they need to tie one on and call you to rectify their current situation due to there extreme boredom and loneliness,all the time wearing the 'buds for benefits' banner across their chest. I'm sorry but my philanthropic endeavors do not go beyond children and animals--I am way to valuable to give it up to be charitable and you sir are no 'bud' of any girls or guys if you use them for conjugal purposes only!

I prefer the old fashion way..you don't call me and I don't call you and eventually we both get the picture and no one gets insulted--especially me!!

Blondes don't buy into bootie calls!!

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