What Do Homeless People Like to Drink for the Holidays?

 Who cares if they are drinking themselves to death. This is the the way they want to live and if they could fix it, they would not be on the streets.

So why not give them a nice Christmas without a lecture, or anyone trying to fix them?

To think money and a kind word will help them snap out of their addiction is just the stupidest thing I have seen.

Yes, I see all the Instagram posts of people making bu-ku ( booya-bucks) money on looking kind, when in reality, they are peddling small amounts of money to keep dragging people in to donate more.

How many millions do these Instagram "charity accounts" take in and how much do they give? No one asks the question.

So I am, how much do all these generous people take in from filming people on the streets and handing them money and posting it make?

How much do you give and think your money goes all to the homeless and not to that Ferrari payment?

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