Help Me, Help You Help Me

Help You Help Me

Become a patreon and let ME live the life YOU want.

Absolutely shocked that people turn a blind-eye to a homeless person on the street, but two young kids with a cam and a laptop can convince others they need your money to let them live the life they want. 

What is the difference?

Why them and nopt others?

Guess giving a crackhead money to let them live out his life doesn't come with a YouTube video so no entertainment.

But what if the crackhead did come with editing capabilities and would record their life?

What if we put gopros on homeless and watched them live their life?

Would you be interested? Would you become a PATREON?

And after you gave them money for awhile but got bored with the months of the mundane, how would that homeless person be able to dance back into your good graces and keep that money flowing?

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