SBF and Caroline, You Are Proof Bad Parenting Exists

 And when I mean hit by Karma, I mean a giant fucking truck to smash those greedy little fuckers heads of yours.

You continue to be a douche on every talk or podcast.

Dude, your woke moment is over. You made a deeper whole for you and all that it stood for, which honestly, just stood for nothing but self-entitled snowflakes. And now you realize the only people who giver a shit about you are your parents.

They did lie to you, you were never great or handsome. You were just well connected.

And now you are all grown up, and the most hated person in the word right now. I hope you take comfort in knowing we hate your parents more for raising such a cunt of a human being.

Caroline and her weasel parents too, for raising such privelaged cunts.

I get this is not going to be seen by many since it has no value other than to express my anger for these felons and losers who seem to have carte blanche on no jail time.

I lost faith in news and politics a long time ago.

This just saddens me because my beliefs of news and politicians  is proven once again.

They are giant whores with no value either.

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