Why I do Halloween

 This year I did not go all out on Halloween decorations, because I knew I was blacklisted by the neighborhood.

I still put on a good show for those that wanted to come. 

I was happy to see one pretty little cowgirl on her own; two brothers with a parent who works in the neighborhood; and the one kid who would make my night.

It does not matter if I had 30 kids or 3 show up. 

What matters is, I always get to meet the one kid who says something that makes me think the whole world will be OK because they are in it.

I knew it would be a quiet door tonight so I gave each child 2 bags of candy, and this one special kid asked, " Do you have more bowls of bags?"

He was worried I would run out. I told him there is plenty for everyone.

I hope this kid runs for president one day.

Happy Halloween 2022!

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