InKind App CEO Shot by Police

 I just read an article claiming this was racially motivated. Clearly the writer of the article was fishing for an ulterior motive instead of the real story.

Raj seemed to have some mental issues. He thought people were breaking into his home, bought an assault rifle, but on the night in question, he came our of his house in a robe with the assault rifle and started shooting into his home, all while talking to nobody that was there.

The video seems doctored and edited to where I can't really see all what was going on, but in my opinion, the author is suspect and has no business being a journalist.

The article was so fucking stupid, I just clicked on the link if inKind and read the reviews.

Here are a few of the 1 star, most recent. Sorry no recent 4 stars for this app:

I received a gift card on this program through work, but it is impossible for me to find restaurants in this app to spend it on. I can see a bunch on the map but cannot zoom in far enough to see the individual restaurants, so the money is tied up in the app/in kind.

I forgot my wallet at one of my favorite restaurants, this app was the only way they accept digital payments, I went through the cumbersome onboarding process, put in my valid credit card info, went through the weird payment process, and it says there's a server error and it won't go through.

The worst company ever. When they promote the App, they allowed user to add multiple referral code (each $25) which encouraged friends spread and refer each other exponentially increase and each user can add up to 25 referral code in wallet. But the second day, they simply delete all of them. Totally no courtesy to customers and no spirit of contract. Deleted the App immediately. Totally not trustworthy.

The app double build me in the restaurant. And I've been trying to contact customer service for a week. They did send me back in form email saying they'll get back in touch with me within 24 hours. Again it's been over a week and I've sent two emails.

In the end, sad to see he died but let's not make this a race issue where it is not. Can we claim his app a fraud and dig deeper into that?

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