Match.com, Grow Up. Be Better!

 This app is not working right. I can't possibly do this and have a nice experience. Match...what are you doing with your GUI? So bad...ask me if I like facial hair...ask men if they like arm pit or leg hair?

No I do not, men, do you?

Also, to try and monetize on people buy hurting their confidence is a terrible thing on so many levels.  I think you are a horrible app. 

I paid for 3 months and I will make the best of it. But mostly, I hope to exploit this opportunity to help you be better. 

Love is hard to find and you prey on that. Very sad to me.

Match? Come on? You went public and got a nice injection of money, yet you still ask the archaic questions that do not fit this world any more. 

Disclaimer: I don't vote and think discussing politics is for uninteresting people who have not found something better to do with their time.

I like to remain blissfully ignorant and help on the local level where I can. Change is by action, not by b---ing.

Disclaimer: I am born to Polish and German immigrants who came by way of Ellis Island. - so if you have a chip on your shoulder for that certain part of history - swipe away from me. 

Yeah, I actually have to state this since I made the mistake of meeting someone and got an entire lecture on how horrible my people are.

I think Americans have this obnoxious way of viewing the world through rose colored lenses that can't see what war does. Let me fill you in.

Families leaving everything behind in war torn countries, giving up an entire life to escape a regime, Aunts raped,. Uncles in concentrations camps.  Families hiding in barns and chasing chickens down to teach them to lay eggs where the owners don't see so the family can eat. 

We have all had some bad experiences, but we still hold out hope. I personally need time to get to know you via Match. if you push too

 hard for a quick meet.. well, those never turned out well for me.

I am not in a hurry. 

I am also not impressed with Match trying to copy Tinder "like and swipe" code. Who has this much time?

Let me scroll and click the ones I I like. The old app was better.  

I am looking to meet interesting people and make friends who would like to travel, sail, hike, enjoy the arts, go to a charity event or two... nothing pretentious though. 

I work remote so can go anywhere for as long as I want as long as I have wifi or cell tower.

I pay my way, and you pay yours - and we just have companionship to give each other that little nudge to get out and experience a rich life.

I am not cynical, just single for a long time and have used dating apps on and off,  and find it is not the app, but the people who use it that may or may not give us a great experience.

I know every dating scenario there is. I could write a book and it would be hysterical and informative.

So, that being said, I am hopeful just very leery.

Few tips:

You are not kidding anyone with your fake age. Fix that. If they don't like you because of your age, they are not worth it to begin with.

Update your photos and take down the ones you started with a bazillion years ago. All we see as we scroll is your aging time-line.

If you are bragging about your wealth, well that just screams sugar-daddy and gross to me. Some girls might like that but not the ones who are looking for the right things in you.

It is the holidays, lot of lonely hearts out there looking to pass the time. Get to know someone and don't be in a rush. If they get upset with you because you are not on the app 247 and at their beck and call....yikes - imagine them in real life?

And of course if they try to build trust before asking you for money to get out of some sort of trouble, it is a scam... it is always a scam. ALWAYS.

Be safe, take your time, even I can be a jerk.

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