Established Titles is a PROVEN Scam and so is Kamikoto Knives

 Established Titles promises you can legally be a Lord or Lady of Scotland. Only you can't legally be one without owning land yourself. They do not sell you the land. They only sell you a certificate as a gag gift.

Katarina Yip and her partner have shell companies that own the land, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, so imagine how much money they are bringing in?

There is no loophole, you pay $59 for 2ft of their land and you get no deed to the land.

There are plenty of youtubers finally getting out the scam because fellow youtuber. Scott Shafer started the fire and the rest of the influencers are bringing out the real, real on this scam.

If you bought this knowing it was a gag gift, great, but if you really think you are a Lord or Lady based on a fabricated lie and printed certificate, perhaps you might want to watch.


Here is Katarina's Linkedin - almost poking fun at stupid people calling her ventures "fail".

These scammers also try to sell you high priced Kamikoto knives and there offices and showroom do not exist. They are cheap Chinese made knockoffs.

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