Why Cops Freak Me OUT!

I have not written about this  before.

Most traumatizing things, I tend to bury and ignore it happened until it goes away.

But you can not escape PTSD, and that cray will come out when something triggers your ass.

For me it was the Refuel bit and the fucking cop and kid.

Reminded me of the time I had a bad asthma attack and barely made it to the pharmacy to get the emergency inhaler. Unfortunately for me, the pharmacy was next door to the loon house and some freak from within called the police. 

I have no idea what they said, the hispanic, female cop with a chip on her shoulder would not reveal that information.

I explained to her I just had an asthma attack and stopped to pick up an emergency inhaler. I showed her the receipt , but this bitch did not care one bit. She was taking me down just because she fucking could.

She made me do the touch your nose, recite the alphabet backward, lift one leg and I passed with flying colors. She still put me in the fucking car and took me to jail.

I sat for an hour against a white brick wall... I think they were waiting for me to show some sign of drunkeness that would never come.

Than after that did not work, they tried to pressure me into a blood test. I refused because I had taken the albuterol and that could register as a false positive for a drug. 

When I refused, they claimed I was suicidal and they stripped me of my clothes, put me in a paper gown and through me into a cement block with the temperature set at 40% F.

The next day, I was pulled out of the cell and brought up to to a black woman who said she could keep me in through the entire Thanksgiving holiday. And she was right. She could have said and done anything and I would be powerless.

I kept my mouth shut, refused to say anything. She kept going on saying shit, trying to make me break. But you can't break someone who is already broken, bitch!

The cops were so fucking mean to me. Like they took pride and joy in fucking with a person who never really deserved to be there in the first place.

So defund police? HELL FUCKING YES!!!!

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