Cardano $ADA is the same as Sam #FTX, Fat, ugly kid Got money and went wrong


Break it down biatches. 

Having sex with Charles or Sam, one needs some serious drugs to take on these ugly fucks.

Unless you are hooker, or just as fugly, or a democrat. 

They have suckered millions of people into thinking they are the good guy because they are humble ugly pricks.

You have to be one stupid hoe to believe their story.

Do you really think this high profile, largest bankruptcy ever is not going down with a few dems going down? To believe you get to keep the money or donation and still look good, no matter how black, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish you are? No racist, just fact.

Being German and Polish and the shit I had to grow up with as a child, at least I grew up and never, fucking ever did I grow to be a greedy fucking cunt like those in Congress.

You hear me:

FTX.US Profile: Recipients • OpenSecrets

P.S. If you didn't hear the #twitter spaces dialogue between Snoop and Charles Hodgkinson, - #Snoop is a grounded soul and Charles a fat, fucking nerd who bragged about his Blackhawk helicopter. Fuck this asshole who never served in the military and use it to look cool?

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