Refuel Market? What is wrong with your new people?

 I know there is a new world order, but let us not get carried away, OK cancel twats.

I have over 20 years with this gas station and Wag-a-Bag in my neighborhood.

I have never, ever had an issue with the wonderful people who worked there. Until now.

Apparently, white people are on notice at this gas station.

I get inclusion, diversity, but some times it is taken a bit too far with the younger generation.

Two nights ago, I got slammed for being a redskin fan and I should know better. I haven't watched football since the craziness of renaming the team. 

Tonight, I used the air pump thing and not only did it not work. it let the air out of my tire even more. 

The young man on duty behind the register told me to ask the young man outside on a personal call. 

I am sorry I interrupted him.. 

He walked over to the air station with me, and boy he had a bug up his ass. 

He was pissed he had to help me, and after being a dick, the last straw for me was telling me the bald tire was the reason the machine did not work.

Does the air machine have a tread sensor on it? NO!

Tire tread has nothing to do with  inflation unless punctured.  I assume he was having a really bad day but he turned the mood onto me, and I am always glad to return the favor.

Just cuz your black, does not mean you get a free pass for being a dick for no reason.

Also, there was a cop who lingered around, for what I have no idea. 

Anyhoo, this kid must have taddled on me - for giving rudeness back to him  - so this black cop pulled up behind my car's ass. You know the drill when you are in trouble with a cop....they get up really close to your car's ass.

So I see the headlights out of my rear view mirror while I was checking my dashboard to check the tire level. I get out of my car, look at the headlights and the kid standing next to the cop's driver side window. 

The kid looks at me and says, " He is speaking to you." in a very rude tone. How the fuck would I know the cop was speaking to me. I could not see him behind the headlights, nor hear him because he was in his fucking vehicle.

I think the kid was hoping I would instigate something. I did not. You know why? Because white people are not stupid and don't fuck with cops. We raise our hands, say yes sir, nor sir...etc....

I walked up to the cop in is car and he asked is there a problem. I said the machine is broken and I had to buy a $12 can of glue stuff to refill my tire ( and by the way- I want to be refunded for that ).

I told him it did not work but I am only a few miles up the road and I can hobble my car home. Am I going to have trouble with you?

He asked why?

I said because you are 2 feet up the ass of my car and wondering if you are going to pull me over once I get in to drive it home.

He said., "Why would I do that?"

I said, "Because I would be driving with an inflated wheel and dangerous conditions. You can make up what you want. Do you think black people are the only ones scared of a cop who is clearly trying to prove a point?"

He took off after that, and the kid sauntered away with a smug and still shitty attitude.

I am sad. Wag-a-Bag made convenient stores feel like family and now this Refuel comes in and hires a bunch of over-woke twentysomething with chips on their fucking shoulder.

Will be finding a new station.

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