East Coast Hop

I have to say eharmony and its personality test have not chosen anyone I would not have chosen for myself on match.

Many were ones that did not physically appeal to me and logistically, Eharmony is a nightmare. I could not find one person in my general locale to date.

I did drive a few times to Houston to see someone but that gets old really quick. And the fact he has 3 divorces behind his belt and he is a bit too old.

The men I am attracted to all live in New York so that is where I am going.

I will see Raine for an evening and then pass myself onto the new guy for the weekend.

I have never been to Greenwich and it will be a fun get-a-way...and who knows?

Its funny. I totally have a thing for cute Jewish guys. Its my Achilles heel.

Curly hair, funny, smart, and perfectly sized in body and height.

I have been in Austin for 20 years and not once did I date an Austinite. I don't get them. They certainly don't get me.

And Augusto does not count since he is originally from Boston and Equidor.

In order to get a jump on my love life before I die alone, I must make drastic changes and be fearless.

Either way, the blog will start back with dating stories--its about time, don't you think? Lets hope they don't end up as a horror story.

The Blonde is making a giant leap!!

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