Truman Capote

wrote from his head and did not bother with typos or corrections.

He, unlike me, had an editor to clean up his words.

Emily Dickensen was never published during her life time. As a matter of fact, many told her she was a terrible poet.

It was not until her sister, upon Emily's death-took her writings to the very man who tore Emily's writing apart when she was alive-edited her work and made it suitable for publishing.

If you read Emily's hand written untouched work...you will get a better sense of her world according to her.

I write from my sub-conscious and not always does it come out the way I plan but I leave it unedited. I am also unpublished and if they ever edit me...

I want you to know the real me.

This blog is me..all the good, bad, drunk, sober, happy, sad, everything...

The Blonde wants you to know the reality!!!

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