Art of War

Did you know one of the rules in the book "Art of War' by Sun Tzu says "do Nothing, if you do not know what to do."

Simple as it seems, it is not.

To lie low until the right moment, the right attack, the right opportunity comes...

Most of us can not do that.

We panic.

We think if we sit and do nothing than nothing will be accomplished.

We busy our selves with things to make us feel that we are progressing but in essence, all we are really doing, is hindering our progress.

Hiding behind the facade of doing...

What do we do?

What is the purpose?

What is the goal?

For many years I have been doing nothing and yet I am progressing.

I hid out in the comfort of home, behind books and grades, and shunning myself from the world.

Outside the world was telling me I must do something

and so I tried to do

and I accomplished nothing

I wasted funds, time, and my worth on useless endeavors.

We have a path and along that path are battles we must face

There is no shame in stepping off the path and refraining from doing something just to do anything

Do nothing until you know what to do

Go after nothing until you know what it is you want

That is how you win a war with least resistance and no collateral damage

The Blonde is ready!

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