Lessons We Learn

I dated a guy a few years back from Dallas. I thought he was the one but it did not turn out that way..

No bigger shocker there!

But the lesson I learned was not about men. It had nothing to do with learning about my love life.

It was another kind of education he gave me.

He had a plane and not a fancy jet plane that would have made me miss the lesson I was to learn about my destiny. It was a little plane that flew not far in the clouds but just below where you could see the land.

Now, lessons are sometimes not discovered at the moment they are given. Sometimes the lesson takes a few years to be discovered.

But if your self aware and you look at every bad and good in your life and apply it to the future...there is meaning behind all those you have met, dated, loved, lost, or broke.

The plane ride we took was to New Mexico from way of Big D. We flew over the great land of Texas into New Mexico. And on that 6 hour flight I saw not a pretty place.

I saw the cattle farms where we get our beef. Hundreds of cows in a desolate and dirt world. I thought cattle farms are to have 1 acre per cow but for the large cattle corporations, those rules do not apply.

They sat there waiting for slaughter in a cruel and hideous world.

We as a society have become immune to whom and what we share this world with.

You pick up your beef in a grocery store without thought to how that animal was treated.

Did you know back in the mining days they would take a horse down in the tunnels and learned they would not go back down the next day. SO they took these horses down into the tunnels and left them there for 20 years working without ever seeing sunlight. They were finally let go into the fields when they went blind.

Imagine being someone sent down into a mine for 20 years and your only crime was that you could pull the weight of a mining cart.

I not only want this job at Whole Foods, I need it. I need to believe in a company that believes in a better world.

I need to be around people who see the same atrocities that I do and want to feel they are a part of change.

Wish me luck. I have an interview next week with Whole Foods and I need this.

The Blonde needs a place to apply her education!

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