I am in the midst of the SXSW epidemic going on in Austin.

And what am I doing?



Home alone!!!

In the comfort of a cushy chair on the veranda with smokes, wine, and a wide screen playing music through my Bose surround sound.

Why on earth would I battle lines for a warm beer or sticky drink along side stinky, sloppy people?

6th St is a massacre of crazy and I rather not partake!

SXSW is set up mostly to piss you off. You may have a badge but the venues are small and you have to fight to get in...why bother with the $600 price tag for all that?

If your young and its Spring Break and Mexico is off limits due to the drug cartel..SXSW is for you..

but if your a true aficionado...stay home and crank the surround sound...and wait for the crowd to go back from whence they came

The Blonde is NW for the duration!

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