Twitter Dee Twitter Dumb

Did you know there are apps to automatically delete followers who are not following you?

What kind of asshole would use this app?

I follow the ones I do because they are some of the most clever, most brilliant, incredible thought producing humans I have ever had the distinct pleasure of reading.

Why would I miss anything they say to follow a thousand people just to have a thousand follow me?

If all you care about is numbers, than you do not care about what people say...and you might as well be a candidate for the Republican race.

Twitter is about the voice of an individual and when its dilluted by these apps, you hurt the very soul of Twitters goal.

Follow those on twitter because they speak to you.

Not because they are a number...

Find your nitch on Twitter.

The Blonde's twitter list is raunchy, crazy, wonderful outcasts...

And they get in the club without ever having to wait in line with bullshit twats!


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