Love Should Be Guided by Fate

I have learned my lesson.

Love is nothing you can create out of thin air. You can not meet someone and pick and choose what works for you and decide this is enough to love them.

Family love is easy. It comes with birth. It comes without strings.

Finding love outside that is...

a gift.

Passion comes quick and fades just as fast.

The gift of love in equal parts between two people is a natural occurrence and yet to be replicated or cloned.

Love comes with a spark and grows without any work.

It is what it is.

Let fate decide for me.

I will not be roped into empty promises and painted pictures of what might be.

Pictures are not backed by substance.

Promises are made but hardly ever kept.

Men are strangers and until they build a three dimensional world for me...

I am not falling for their card tricks.

The Blonde is on cruise control!

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