Google You R a Giant Cunt

In your vain attempt to out best Mark Zuckerdouche, you actually made me like him.

What the F----!!!!!

You may not be selling information but you are damn sure harvesting it.

You have my cell number...so what...

I have had more stalkers than you can count on your tiny techno douchebag heads and it can be changed in a blink of an eye!!!

My blog is finding a new home because I don't sleep with pussies who take it up the ass to be in bed with you!!!

Your pathetic attempt to harvest and compete with FB cost me 2 hours of my life just to log in to my blog...

You, GOOGLE, just became the creepy dude Matt Damon played in the 'Talented Mr Ripley'


You just made me like Mark Freaking Zuckerberg!!!

As for you Blogger....

I had high hopes plugging a 'Pop and Son' team but you are sleeping with the devil

It hurts that I ditched Myspace for this albatross....

If you can't tell...


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