The Gods Are Speaking

...Loud and clear, they are!!

I was supposed to meet up for a date last night and somehow got involved with teen angst. I rather take in a run away and make sure the problemo with the parental units is worked out in a calm and mature way than allow her to shack up with girlfriends who will be counter productive in getting her back home.

Needless to say, all is fine and she is back home and I missed out on a date I was not too keen on in any way.

Than today, I was going boating with another date, one again not keen on. I do not like meeting up with someone I barely know surrounded by his friends. Its always an awkward situation where you feel you are being judged or summed up by strangers.

Well, my car battery is dead. The Blonde forgot to turn off her headlights the night before.

Its a large battery for a jaguar and a little battery from a Honda is just not going to do the trick. I need to hit Sears and get a battery charger and let it sit in the wall for a few hours.

No boat ride for me today!!

But their is a hug plus to this event.

The jaguar sat at the mechanics for 4 weeks while he figured out what the rattling in my car was. I picked it because after four weeks and no estimate, I figure screw it.

He said I needed a new suspension. Well, turn out I do not.

When I lifted the hood to look for the positive to charge the electric system in order to open the trunk where the battery is located, I found the reason for all the clanking in my car. The radiator fsn in the front has a frame and that frame is moving about when I hit a bump.

All I need is need ot due is tighten it back to the frame and VOILA!!

No more clanking in my car and all for the sweet amount of priceless.

I don;t what the Gods are calling me out on this weekend but considering my dates have been hindered..

I am going with that scenario.

I have my interview next week for a job at my prized Whole Foods and a cool new pad to call home.

All in all, its been a good thing.

The Blond is popping a beer and heading to the pool...alone!

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