Dating For Dummies

I have a date tomorrow and I got it the old fashion way. I plopped my ass down on a bar stool ordered a drink and waited for a hit.

Within 3 minutes, I had a gentleman walk up to me and ask me to join him and his friends. I declined on the sit in with strangers. Its always awkward and I somehow got a swinger vibe from the couple he was hanging with.

I said I would give him my number and so he pulled out his antique iPhone...and I thought uh...really? Dude? Get a new phone...

But as I thought that, I decided I was being unfair. I don't like men to judge me for my crappy jaguar and trust me they have in the past, so as not to be a hypocrite..I signed up for a meet up on Friday.

I am fairly certain he will not pan out but its company and something to do...and as I have said earlier in my posts...before I crack I need to get amongst peeps again.

I do have to say the one thing that kind of irritated me was he thought I was 29. And for a 50 plus gent to hit on someone he thought was 29...

I don;t know but it irritates.

I told him I am way over that mark and you could see the instant his face changed...

He was disappointed..and I thought ...why?

Why would you be let down that an age appropriate chick who looks like she is 29 be a disappointment?

I guess I am taking on the date just to fuck with him.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly why I am going on this date.

A 50 plus man with a 10 year old iPhone has the balls to think he deserves a sexy 30 year old?


I am going to have fun with this one...

Stay tuned!!

Next week, I will find a new bar and a new student.

The Blonde will be posting grades!!

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