Don't String Me Along

I am seasoned and inducted into the Hall of Fame of Best Date Ever!

Are you an idiot?

I know every dating nuance there is known to man.

When a man hits heavy and hard with living together before meeting me..I know that fizzles out quicker than the bubbles on a warm soda popped open and then refrigerated.

You left me with a fare to no where because the fantasy picture you painted in your head was tainted by reality?

I have been calling you without reciprocation on your part all of the sudden...

And as if you think I have a learning disability, you bragged about dates you had for the weekend?

Now correct me if I am wrong...but I think its not very gentlemanly to have a girl fork over money for a ticket and you continue to date on weekends.

At least hold off on the cattle drive until the chick comes...

to your city and than if it is a no go...

By all means

go for the gusto


I have not met you...why would I care?

The minute you spilled the beans on issues with your Mother...I knew...

find another plan girlfriend

and I have!!!

The Blonde hasn't been a newbie since she was 17!!!

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