Where is my Spirit?

You wake up and today is like any other day. It would never occur to you that a few blocks away from you someone has lost their spirit. Not their heart, not their soul but their spirit.

And you being 4 blocks away would never think that this would have anything to do with you but what if you caught it in a drift of wind?

OK, that would be crazy. A spirit does not float off into the wind. As a matter of fact a spirit is grounded inside each and every one of us and the only way to get it out is to beat it out of us

And a beaten and broken spirit has no chance of flying anywhere.

But where does it go?

Its beat, broken but not lost…not gone…
Beat and broken
The first place it will not want to be is where it was beat and broken

So not me
But my spirit belongs to no other so it is not hiding in anyone else
so my spirit is not in me and not in another
it does not float or fly
for a broken spirit has no wings nor desire to be free
does it drag behind me?
In my shadow?
In my memory?
In the old me?
Does my cat hold it for me?
Can a cat hold a spirit?
Maybe that is why she is so fat.
A spirit like mine is a heavy one to hold.

When was the last time I used it?
When was the last time I believed in me?

It was the day I found the pink house.
The day I signed the papers.
It was mine.
I did it all on my own.

And then the sharks came one by one until it was gone.

In the end it was me….I could not defend myself against the sharks and I lost everything.

I was weak

I did not defend myself

I still have no idea how to defend myself but I know how to guard myself

I have a wall

that has kept me a prisoner.

There is no gate holding me other than my own head

SO let's chop it off!!!

The Blonde has nothing to loose!!

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