I'm Losing It

No seriously, I have got to get out and mix among life again.

I have a trip in the beginning of April to the east coast and hopefully things will work and I can stay awhile. I need Manhattan right now. I need it loud and busy and full of things to do.

Austin has become a 6 mile radius of life for me. I rarely go out and if I do, it just to the store.
I barely no my friends any more.

Basically I have been pouting because my life has not gone right for awhile. After being laid off my job in December right before x-mas was harsh and the reality moving out of my parent's abode delayed has sunk me to submarine life.

I realize moving is only going to happen if someone offers a room-mate situation. Going to school and the jobs available while I go to school can't afford the rent that is being charged these days...in any town.

I am hovering and lingering over the mistakes I made about my past and realize you can;t change any of it. The problem is, those mistakes have effected my present for a long time and may have altered a great future..

IF I let it...

but I won;t. I am going to get up one more time and try all over again.

A change of scenery and getting away from all the reminders-even if its temporary-is very much needed.

The Blonde needs to gather up!!

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